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Hybrid Educational Consulting


Purpose Pushers LLC. is a hybrid educational consulting company that couples motivational speaking with research-based best practices. Our aim is to develop confidence and competence through dynamic professional learning opportunities to help educators move toward educational equity. Our services include keynote speaking, educational consulting, job-embedded coaching, interactive research-based seminars, E-courses, school assemblies for students, parent engagement workshops, and much more.

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Engage Staff, Students, and Parents
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Virtual sessions are available as well.

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The Art and Science of School Improvement

Areas of Expertise Include

Culturally Responsive Teaching
Instructional Leadership
Organizational Leadership
Teacher Motivation
Instructional Coaching
10-Month PD Planning

Services Include Executive Coaching, Inspirational Keynotes, and Job-Embedded Coaching

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Purpose Pushers

Let's move from Vision to Execution

"As a national educational consultant and speaker, I have been privileged to work with some of the most amazing educational leaders and teachers in the field of education. By serving as a thought-partner, I help leaders move from vision to execution through strategic planning, coaching, and professional development. Additionally, I work with small and large groups of educators to build the collective capacity needed to meet the unique needs of diverse students."

-Dr. JT Taylor C.E.O. of Purpose Pushers LLC.